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                            Flyte Center:                                 Art Lead                                                          2014-2015
Provided vital art support for a key demo shown at I/ITSSEC 2014
                                        Created hundreds of real world objects with a very short turn around time
                                        Worked with all aspects of the team from management to developers to set realistic goals
                                        when it came to art production.
                                        Pushed the limits of the provided toolset in driving visual quality and performance
                                        Developed the art creation techniques for the studio
                                        Oversaw all aspects of art creation and assigned tasks and reviewed work by junior artists.

                            Cascade Game Foundry:              Scenery Art Lead                                            2009 - 2015
Oversaw the production of scenery art creation on multiple projects.
                                        Prototyped art creation procedures and created countless assets.
                                        Assigned and reviewed work and came up with creative solutions to answer problems.                                         Helped set up an internship program and oversaw all work created in this program.
                                        Assisted at several conferences demoing the studios projects.

                            Aquent:                                          3d Production Artist                                        2012 - 2013
                                        Created countless visual improvements to several tracks in Forza Motorsport 5.
                                        Optimized countless objects to help increase performance on several tracks.
                                        Created scripts and helped prototype the process to make grass.

                            MAQ:                                           3d Production Artist                                        2010 - 2012  
Developed new techniques of creating scenery assets that helped boost production by 200%
                                        Worked closely with outside vendors and provided written feedback on hundreds of assets.
                                        Created countless assets using advanced techniques

                            Microsoft:                                      3d Production Artist                                      2006 - 2009  
Managed production by both an internal team of 10 contract workers and an outside vendor
                                        company in the productions of thousands of assets totaling more than 2200 man days of work.

                                        Created countless models and textures for use in multiple titles.

                             Sakson and Taylor:                       3d Artist                                                         2006
Created hundreds of models and textures following strict technical guidelines
                                        Created highly visible landmark objects including shipped box cover art.
                             Microsoft:                                      Internship                                                      2003                                
         Worked with Microsoft's ACES game studio to model and texture objects for use in their Flight                                         Simulator products.
                            Freelance Projects: 
                            Teaque: (Mircrosoft R&D)           Freelance 3d Artist                                       2012
Modeled highly stylized 3d elements for use in a music video
                            Inviso: (Microsoft Windows)         Freelance, 3d Artist                                      2010
reated a stylized home full of real world objects for use in a video presentation.

                            Appitise Inc:                                   Freelance, 2d Artist                                      2010 - 2011
Using illustrator, created several 2d representations of real world golf courses for use in a
                                        mobile golf course app.

                             Martin Arts: (Microsoft Games)  Freelance, 3d Artist                                     2004 -2005
Modeled and textured countless real world assets for use in Microsoft Flight Simulator.
                             VIP Studios:                                   Freelance, 3d Artist                                     2003 - 2005
Modeled and textured characters, props and environmental elements for use in several
                                       television advertisement campaigns.

                             The Art Institute of Seattle                                                             Seattle Washington
Associates of Applied Arts - Animation Art and Design                                    




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